Fish on Friday

Обложка альбома Fish on FridayIt’s september 2009 and William Beckers has a music project on his mind. Through 'youth novel writer' and common friend Luc Descamps he is introduced to producer Frank Van Bogaert. William decides to record his first music ideas in Frank’s ACE studio. The music ideas are faint but about the project’s name he is pretty determined,.... Fish on Friday. It sounds good and nobody opposes. The initial recording sessions are quite disappointing and it’s clear that the project needs a more determined style and sound. On one studio session Frank puts on a second hat: in addition to producing the music, he’s actually starting to compose live in the studio, together with William. It’s only then that magic happens, when two keyboard players have found each other. They inspire each other and, both sharing a love for progressive rock, push each other to write songs true to their Prog-influences while also adding a much more popmusic style of arrangements. In just a couple of months the duo writes ten gorgeous songs, true to their prog-roots but also very accessible to people not acquainted with progressive rock.